Fun Thinkers


Fun Thinkers hadir dengan 10 set buku dan sebuah bingkai belajar yang dikemas dengan 3 tingkat aktivitas belajar. Setiap buku berisi penuh dengan kegembiraan, kuis yang menarik, permainan dan masih banyak lagi.

10 Jilid + bingkai belajar
4o Halaman
Ilustrasi penuh warna
Lebih dari 350 pertanyaan dalam 40 halaman

Fun Thinkers

FUN THINKERS books are packed with educational activities that make learning fun! Kids love using the game-like Match-Frame with FUN THINKERS books. Answer appear like magic in bright color patterns! The self-checking design lets children see immediately how much they know. Easy to follow directions and examples help kids learn on their own. Each lesson has a “More to Do” suggestion that extends and reinforces the learning.

• Self-checking workbook/ manipulative decoder system allows kids to work and learn on their own.

• Colourfully illustrated matching questions and answer grid add entertainment value to learning.

• Over 350 questions in each 40-page book that all use the same Match-Frame.

FUN THINKERS comes in a set of 10 books and a Match-Frame, packed with 3 levels of educational activities of English, Math and Thinking Skills. Each book is filled with fun, challenging quizzes, games and more!

Fun Thinkers


Level 1 Word Play
Building vocabulary with colors, shapes & letters!

Level 2 Sound Like Fun
Introduces vowels & consonants with sounds, sentences & signs!

Level 3 Word for Word Fun
Challenges word usage & comprehension skills!


Level 1 Numbers Count
Introduces counting & addition with colors, shapes & more!

Level 2 Figure On Fun
Challenges subtraction, money & time-telling skills!

Level 3 Facts, Figures & Fun
Challenges multiplication, division & fraction skills!


Level 1 Shhh, I’ m Thinking
Builds problem solving, visual discrimination & sorting skills!

Level 2 Mind Your P’ s & Clues
Challenges pattern recognition, category sorting & calender skills!

Level 3 Mind Puzzles
Challenges knowledge of fact & logic!


Challenges rhyming skills, problem solving, sequencing ability & more!

Fun Thinkers


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